About Us

What we are all about

Located in the heart of Hawthorn village in the  Church Street strip, Morrisons Cafe has become more than just another coffee shop, it is like a modern eclectic get-together institution for the locals and many cafe lovers. We bond with our customers through stories shared over a latte. Run by a pair of long term life-partners, myself Ann and my partner Fabian want to create a little safe space for the community to come together. 

​Fabian Diaz

I have worked in the food and hospitality industry for many years as the owner, sous chef and head chef.

I took over Morrisons Cafe in late 2016. While the business was slowly growing I felt it had great potential and was excited to have a wonderful premise to bring my food concepts to life.

I am constantly looking for the best local ingredients to showcase through our ever changing and evolving menu. We have big plans for our little cafe that will include increasing our operating hours to allow Hawthorn locals to enjoy our food and coffee outside of our existing hours. 

We now also offer a range of catering and takeaway options for those looking for catering for small business lunches or large events. 

At Morrisons we are always striving to provide the very best food, coffee and service so if you have any feedback please let us know while you're enjoying our cafe or drop an inquiry through the website.

Enjoy your experience at Morrisons Cafe and we look forward to converting you into a loyal regular !